World`s End

World`s End # 1

World`s End

The world of Apple Maps is in fact divided into two very different worlds. One is a place of fancy 3D locations while the other consists of two-dimensional satelite photography - mostly blurred and often covered by clouds or mist.

These two worlds collide and often create a very picturesque frontier. This frontier will unfurl its true nature only in the future when Apple will develop the 3D maps and - by adding information and probably advertisements - turn them into privileged places in the digital world .

For this series I have changed the size of my pictures from a 5-4 to a 6-4 format. I felt that particularly the landscapes needed more space to unfold or to "breathe", as we use to say in my mothertongue.

All of the images in this gallery are available as prints.

The images shown on this website are the works of Regula Bochsler. They are based on screenshots taken from Apple Maps. Apple Maps is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.